Unclaimed Scholarship Money – An original story I pitched about unclaimed scholarship money. Also, listen to the talk tape I did on the Morning Edition with Sheila Coles.

Government Documents – A woman came to CBC after mistakenly ordering vital documents from a third party seller, not the government. A tale of buyer beware.

Canada Day – Celebrating Canada Day traditions – new and old – in the Queen City.

Regina Pride – CTV News weekend team was there for a special moment at the Regina Pride Parade.

Hole-in-One – A blind golfer gets an ace during a tournament. A touching story of her journey.

Huston Heights – One Regina woman has her accessible apartment modified against her will.

Pilot Butte – Construction issues in the community of Pilot Butte result in a messy headache. Warning: I am soaking wet.

Intermediate Broadcast

Walking in Two Worlds – a mini-documentary that looks at how one aboriginal woman balances her future, where she is going forward with her education, and her strong cultural roots.

A Petal on a Flower – an experimental piece that portrays how one woman uses art and poetry as therapy for her mental illness.


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